Q. Can I take part if my child is not anxious?

A. Yes, it is fine to take part, whether your children are anxious or not.

Q. My child has a disability. Can I still take part?

A. Yes, you can still take part. If you are randomised to do our course, you may find that some parts of it are less relevant to your situation. We would encourage you to give it a try, but to be flexible in which bits you use and do not use.

Q. Can I start the questionnaires and then take a break and come back later? 

A. Yes, you can. In most cases, when you come back, it will take you back to the exact point that you left off. Occasionally, it might ask you to redo the last few questions.

Q - What help will I get with the course?

A - This course is designed so you can do it on your own, anywhere and any time that you want to, without having to get a referral from a health professional. This makes it very convenient, but it can also make it a bit lonely. If you like, you can have a partner or friend go through the course alongside you. You should have been offered a login for them to do this, but if not, let us know and we will sort one out for you. If you start to really struggle with your emotions when you are doing the course, please look for our ‘mental health support’ button, which gives advice on where you can access support. On most devices, this is at the bottom right of the screen. 

Q - What do I do if I have technical problems?

A - If something doesn’t seem to be working properly, please look for our ‘technical support’ button.

Q - Can I take part if I live outside of the UK?

A - Unfortunately, for legal and insurance reasons, we are not permitted to enroll anyone who lives outside the UK.

Q - What information do you collect?

A - We want to find out how helpful our online course is for anxious parents and their children. To do this we collect information about you and your children, including demographic information such as age and gender, information about your anxiety and about whether your child experiences anxious feelings.

We also want to understand how well different parts of the course work, so we are also collecting information called an IP Address which tells us where you logged in to the course from and what modules you visited.  We collect this information using a tool called statcounter. [Link https://statcounter.com/ ]

All of your personal data, including your IP data, is handled in accordance with UK data protection legislation and is stored safely, on a protected server and/or password-protected computer.

Q - Will my information be kept confidential? 

A - Yes. All of the information that you give us in response to our questionnaires is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our team. However, in the unlikely event that anyone in the study tells us something worrying (i.e. that someone's safety is at risk), for example in an email or in a phone call to us, we are required to act on that and to alert the relevant authorities. 

Q - What will happen with the results of the study? 

A - We will use the results of this study to decide whether our online course works. Your data will also help us to understand more about how anxiety runs in families.  

Some of the information we collect will be published in the form of journal articles and presented at conferences. Any information we use will be anonymised – your name or identity will not be published. We will also produce a plain English report of our findings.  

Q - What if I want to stop being part of the study? 

A - Your decision whether to take part is voluntary and you can stop and withdraw at any point during the study without giving a reason. You can withdraw your data at any point by contacting the study team (parents-study@sussex.ac.uk).